“My deepest desire is to teach others what I endeavor to live; to love Christ, learn of Christ, live for Christ and lead others to Christ.” 

– Antonia Simmons 

-enjoying His presence
-experiencing His power
-expecting His promises
Growing together

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Our Mission


Who we are….

Delighting in Him Ministries is dedicated to teaching the Truth of God’s Word. So, others can truly know God enjoy His presence, experience His power and expect His promises to manifest in their lives.  

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Our Vision

Delighting in Him Ministries helps people get pass fear to fulfillment by teaching all how to grow closer to God which will birth dreams that will move them to destiny!  


I’m Antonia

I am a lover of Jesus!  Yup, a lover of God and loved by God! I’m a dedicated wife and mom too!   I love the Word of God and teaching others how to live fully for Him! I have been serving in ministry in the local church for over 20 years.  I have taught and teach Bible study, Sunday School, Discipleship classes and trained leaders to teach others.  I’ve served leading and or teaching children, youth church, adults, young adults, singles ministry, married couples, and women. 


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My Book

The Treasure Box Bible Study for Girls